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Welcome to the pages of Stemedical, private practice for regenerative medicine, orthopedics and sports injuries in Schweinfurt and Leipzig, Germany.  

Regenerative medicine is a subarea of biomedicine that addresses degenerated and functionally impaired tissue, organs and cells by means of living cell organisms. In our practice we deploy autologous  – meaning the bodies’ own -  plasma and proteins. It is our aim is to conserve and to restore the functionality of diseased or traumatized joints and spine by means of a combination of regenerative medicine with minimally invasive therapies – such as injection therapy, arthroscopy and interventional therapies, because “one is only as old as his joints”. The strongest muscles are quite useless, once movement is constricted or annulled by an arthritic or injured joint.

Natural joint movement is one of the strongest healing factors in our body; therefore we focus to activate this healing through movement by reducing the painful joint function and boosting its self-healing mechanisms. Movement is crucial for all metabolic processes in the human body; it is very relevant for the conservation of all joint structures up to an old age, because “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. A successful regenerative therapy, as applied in our practice, is a holistic, alternative therapy concept that combines the bodies own cells and proteins with movement therapy attending to disorders of the musculoskeletal system.  

One of the most difficult tasks in orthopedics is the repair or replacement of hyaline joint cartilage as well as disc cartilage. No artificial cartilage can even remotely reach the high biomechanical quality of natural cartilage. This is why we find it crucial to conserve and repair this important joint structure. Prior to undergoing joint surgery or joint replacement surgery, it is justified to consider activating the bodies’ own reparative mechanisms first as today we are able to successfully treat all parts of the joint, such as cartilage, bone, synovia, meniscus, ligaments and musculature.

Would you like to find out more about the new regenerative therapies? Do you have any questions? We are here for you and are looking forward to your visit!